Ideas and friendly tips for summer kitchens

Image of kitchenWe all love to define our kitchens as the heart of the home, and this is not just a template expression – if we look at the dwelling as a whole organism, then without a heart, that is, a kitchen it could not function!

But besides being the most important part of the home, the kitchen can also become the heart of the garden as long as we allow it to be carried there! Well, if not literally, because skeptics will say it is impossible, to create in its image and likeness just a duplicate version, but under the stars!

Summer kitchen

It is true that all owners of houses and villas during the warmer months of the Image of summer kitchenyear enjoy a similar opportunity at least in the face of a barbecue and dining area. But the summer kitchens have long outgrown some grill pattern + plastic table and several chairs.

Nowadays it is quite possible to build a fully functional open-air kitchen, where you can enjoy the most sophisticated dishes with pleasure and desire. Click To Tweet

The heart in the garden

We will overcome the counter-arguments of many, that everything is based on the possibilities and the means by emphasizing that the pleasure of having such a throbbing heart in the garden, which will be the focus of family and happy moments shared with friends, is worthwhile to realize such a dream.

It is worth to consider the summer kitchen version at the design stage of the garden. If besides a green meadow and lots of flowers, there are also vegetable beds in the yard, the location of the kitchen will depend on their location. Of course, the best place is the covered veranda if the house has one. But if the kitchen is to be placed in an arbor or in an open sky, it should be considered a few circumstances.

First, it has to be built in such a place that the smoke from the outside fireplace, oven or grill does not enter the house or that of the neighbors if we want to maintain good relations with them – unless we often invite them аnother lunch or dinner outdoors.

Modern version

Image of modern outdoor kitchenIn the modern version of the summer kitchen besides the grill is planned to have and necessary for the arrangement of dishes and accessories cabinets, sink and worktop. Of course, you can add a small refrigerator, an external oven, so why not even a mini washing machine. It is therefore necessary to provide access to water and electricity. This will certainly increase the convenience of work in the kitchen, and the lighting will allow it to be used after sunset.

It is also good to consider the paths or alleys that will make the communication between the summer kitchen and the main building, as it is very likely that there will be an urgent supply of spices, utensils, utensils or accessories from the kitchen.

Therefore, they should not be very narrow and winding, and if there are ladders, they are not very steep, especially if the summer kitchen is located at the end of a large yard or garden. Well, these are the drawbacks, someone will exclaim and perhaps be right, but if these steps could be envisaged, they would not be in the least of the use of the outside kitchen.

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