1. No kids allowed

Well, trying to clean that room which is almost always inhabited by those little cute creatures may be a too strenuous task. However, the first and most important tip you should follow is getting your kids out of the place – take them to your parent’s house, leave them with a friend or whatever that will empty that room and will make it ready for a clean-up. The truth is that trying to clean a room full of children will make everyone mad and angry and disappointed.

2. Make it a play

I know, I know, sometimes you cannot just “get rid of those kids” and you are forced to perform a clean-up with them as well. Ok, make sure that they are big enough to take part in that funny cleaning thing. Then set rules and prizes. Encourage them to take this seriously and to participate in it with pleasure. Thus the unpleasant cleaning reality might turn into a wonderful family memory that is worth the time, the efforts and you being nervous or angry a little.

3. Hire a cleaning company

Admit it or not, too often this is our one and only saviour. Only a professional team with the skills and the experience, with the right techniques and the cleaning products that are not only eco-friendly, but strong and efficient as well, only those cleaners that are capable of coping with every situation on Earth, could help you, when you have small kids, no time and nursery that looks so gross. So don’t be ashamed, they are all people and understand perfectly well your condition in that moment.

Make a research, hire one of the best London’s cleaners and live your remarkably happy life thereafter.

Than you London End of Tenancy Cleaning for this article 😉

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Post Author: Melinda Hill

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